Scariest moment of my life and how it changed me! Part two.

Postpartum recovery is a tough enough without the added emotional and physical trauma that me and my family went through. Naturally your body goes through a significant hormonal change in a rapid amount of time. Think about it a bit…women are pregnant for nine months and for that amount of time their bodies are producing … Continue reading Scariest moment of my life and how it changed me! Part two.


Scariest moment of my life & how it changed me! Part one.

This post is in two parts, part one is the story behind part two. Scarlett Ella entered my life and changed it forever! Scar is my three-year-old daughter, I felt like I knew her my whole life. The love I felt for her the moment I saw her was the deepest most meaningful I have … Continue reading Scariest moment of my life & how it changed me! Part one.

Welcome to the world Emmie!

On April 5th we welcomed our second little bundle of perfection to the world, Emmie Clarice. Emmie is what they call a sugar baby (baby born to mother with gestational diabetes) there were many things we were prepped for like sugar stability issues and lung development. Luckily Emmie is in perfect health, praise God. I … Continue reading Welcome to the world Emmie!


Friends, I am having a scheduled C-section this coming Friday morning. I've had a previous C-section so I pretty much know what to expect this time around. We were very much hoping to be able to do a vbac birth but it's not in the cards for us and that is OKAY. We have a … Continue reading Break!

Rest Easy Grandpa

My Grandpa Gene passed away two weeks ago, he was 94 years old. I was so blessed to know him for all 31 years of my life. This post is a tribute to him. Perfection? What is perfect? As a Christian we know there is no perfect human, in fact as humans we are naturally … Continue reading Rest Easy Grandpa

3 Tips to Improve your Friendships

My friends are one of the most important parts of my life, these are people who have chosen to stick by me and vise versa. These are people who have the actual choice to be around me or not (sometimes I wonder why they stay). Like any relationship friendships take work, they take effort and … Continue reading 3 Tips to Improve your Friendships

Life Happens: 2019 Update

One of the most truthful and infuriating statements that I know to be true as a human and as a Christ follower is “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” My plan for 2019 was to focus on self through self-awareness, self-reflection, education & learning, my plan was to have my … Continue reading Life Happens: 2019 Update